Can I Take Dogs on the Outback  Way – yes but keep them inside the van and tied up at night with in the campgrounds/ compounds in the western deserts.

How many km’s between fuel stops- a maximum of 300km which is between Laverton and Tjukayirla Roadhouse

What are the time differences along the Outback  Way-   NT is 1/2 hr behind Qld  and WA is 2 hrs behind Qld, please note Warakurna,  WA operates on NT time – so don’t wind your clock back until you leave Warakurna.

What fuel is available- Diesel and Unleaded fuel is available all the way along the Outback  Way. Opal fuel is used in Western Australia- Warakurna and Warburton, Tjukayirla Roadhouse as the equivalent to  unleaded fuel.

Can I take a 2WD vehicle? We recommend and All Wheel Drive vehicle- with some clearance.

Can I take a standard caravan?  We would recommend an off road van or camper trailer – as it can be corrugated and some bull dust holes.

Can I drive on the road when it is wet?  Please do not drive on a closed road or if it is wet- as this cuts up the road and makes a mess for the traffic after you when it dry’s out.