Where do I find out about border/travel restrictions along the Outback Way?

As you can appreciate, it really depends where you’re coming from, where you want to travel along the Outback Way (which stretches from Queensland, through the Northern Territory and into Western Australia). Travel restrictions and quarantine requirements can change rapidly in response to the emerging COVID19 situation in different parts of Australia. Your best option is to keep up to date with official guidelines from Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia state governments. You’ll also need permits and to comply with covid entry regulations in the remote Aboriginal communities along the route: read more about permits here

What sections of the road are unsealed? 

There are two main unsealed sections of the Outback Way. The majority of the road between Laverton in WA and Kata Tjuta in the NT is gravel (with small sections of seal intermittent along this section). The other major section of gravel is between Hart’s Range in the NT and Boulia in QLD.

Where do I find out about road conditions along the Outback Way? 

The road conditions along the Outback Way can change quite quickly depending on traffic and weather, and can be quite different across the 2700km of road. Your best option will be to contact the following places along the route for updates closer to your departure dates. We also recommend contacting the Visitor Information Centres along the route for specific information about trip planning in that area.

Road Reports

Shire of Laverton WA – Great Central Road and surrounding roads

NT – Road Report

Boulia Shire QLD – Donohue Highway and surrounding roads

Visitor Centres & Roadhouses

Can I Take Dogs on the Outback  Way – yes but keep them inside the van and tied up at night with in the campgrounds/ compounds in the western deserts.

How many km’s between fuel stops

Any journey takes some planning and it is no different in regards to fuel along Outback Way.

During the Wet/Holiday season, from the end of November to the beginning of March – fuel is unavailable at Tobermorey, making the max distance between available fuel stops 464km from Jervois Station and Boulia.

When Tobermorey is open, the maximum distance is 362km between fuel stops between Winton and Boulia, with the stretch between Laverton and Tjukayirla Roadhouse being 306km.


What are the time differences along the Outback  Way–   NT is 1/2 hr behind Qld  and WA is 2 hrs behind Qld.

What fuel is available- Diesel and Unleaded fuel is available all the way along the Outback  Way. Opal fuel is used in Western Australia- Warakurna and Warburton, Tjukayirla Roadhouse as the equivalent to  unleaded fuel.

Can I take a 2WD vehicle? We recommend a 4WD or a good All Wheel Drive  vehicle- with some clearance.

Can I take a standard caravan?  We would recommend an off road van or camper trailer – as it can be corrugated and some bull dust holes.

Can I drive on the road when it is wet?  Please do not drive on a closed road or if it is wet- as this cuts up the road and makes a mess for the traffic after you when it dry’s out.

Are we still going to obtain passes to travel when the Outback Way is fully sealed? It will be several years yet before the full seal is finished so we will have to wait and see what transpires in that regard