Carbon Offset


Our carbon dioxide offset programme is through the Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund. Thank you for considering your impact on the environment.




We acknowledge  that the Outback Way is along way and lots of fuel will be used- so we try to encourage our visitors to offset their emissions by contributing to tree planting projects here in WA. 

Travelling the 2700km on the Outback Way, a vehicle ( on average)  will produce 1 tonne of CO2-

this can be offset through the  Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund by making a $19 donation to Offsetting.

A word from CNCF- Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund helps individuals, families and organisations to minimise their impact on the environment. Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund uses the funds raised through donations and carbon offsets to plant native trees on degraded and marginalised land in Australia. Our reforestation projects sequester carbon whilst helping to restore the landscape and conserve the natural biodiversity. For more information on our organisation please visit:

Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund has planted over 5.4Million trees across more than 3812 hectares and 160 sites since 2001.

CNCF mission…..

…is to assist the community to adopt a more sustainable approach to a healthy environment and to reduce greenhouse gas (carbon  dioxide) emissions.